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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Risk Taking according to Ang

Yesterday was a day full of risks for me.  Please don't judge me as being too pathetic.

  • Lunch at a non-drive-thru restaurant with the family:  Yesterday was Opening Day for Pony Baseball.  Our middle child is playing t-ball this year so we all piled into the Tahoe and headed over to the ball park in the morning for the Opening Day parade and Austin's first game.  After over 2 hours at a crazy ball park packed full of people we all piled back into the Tahoe and decided to have a sit down lunch at IHOP.  Now this may not seem like a big deal but for our family, it is.  Since the boys were born we have rarely done this.  When we eat out we either go through the drive-thru or choose take out.  The kids actually did pretty well.  I think it may have had something to do with the fact that they were giving out pictures of Sponge Bob Square Pants for the kids to color.  Austin will be the first to tell you that they are not allowed to watch this so I think they thought it was pretty cool to get to color a picture of him.  After the game we went home and laid the boys down. They both swore they were not tired, but I convinced them to lay in our bed to "rest" while watching a few cartoons. It was not long after this I walked in and was greeted to this picture.

    • Driving on E:  After the game myself and three of my girlfriends had plans to go out and watch a movie and have some dinner.  I rarely go out and do this.  In fact, the last time I remember going out for dinner and a movie with a girlfriend was when I switched jobs three years ago!  On my way to pick up one of them I realized my gas gauge was very near E.  Growing up I had it put in my head that if you ever got down to half a tank it is time to gas up.  I've grown out of that mentality now, probably not a good thing, but I have.  Yesterday I was running a bit later than I wanted to so I decided to go for it.  The good news is I made it home last night and this morning the car started no problem and I made it to a gas station.

    • No Fandango:  I don't go to the movies very often anymore.  I have a couple girlfriends from work who "kidnap" me from work for my birthday each year.   But other than that the only movies I see are 2 or 3 times a year with my daughter.  I always order my tickets ahead of time on Fandango and print them.  I don't want to take a chance that the movie is sold out or that I have to stand in a long line and get a bad seat or worse - I might miss the previews!  But my printer is dead right now.  We can make copies with it but no luck printing anything from our computers.  So I decided to risk it.  We got to the theater less than 30 mins before the movie started.  I got my tickets and we even made a quick trip to the snack bar for soda and popcorn.  AND I did not miss any of the previews!

    • Sushi:  I make many people cringe because of how raw I like to eat my red meat - but I am NOT a sushi person.  When I worked in internal audit and traveled the group I worked with were sushi fanatics and they always drug me along with them.  I got pretty good at finding other things on the menu that I liked.  I was brave once and they fed me some sushi.  It was eel and was disgusting.  Afterwards they admited that the eel had smelled "a little funny".  Nice to know after!  But last night my friends talked me into giving sushi another try.  It's been almost 10 years, maybe my tastes will have changed.  I did order some seared tuna just in case as a fall back (red tuna of course!).  But I must say - I loved what they had me try.  I think I just might have to give sushi another try.
    So - all in all - yesterday was a day of risks for me.   But it was a wonderful day full of people who are very special to me.  I really need to do this stuff more often.

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