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Monday, January 18, 2010

Science Time - Volcano

This week we learned about mountains for Science with Austin (Kindergarten).  His favorite part was the volcano we built.  We found a bottle and made a mountain out of modeling clay and he searched the yard for the perfect rocks to push into the clay before it dried.

Then once it was dried we mixed up the necessary ingredients and waited for it to erupt.  We did not have to wait long!  Austin and Jesse were both so excited to see that it actually worked.  I think they were expecting something to explode into the air, but I had warned them that was not how it worked ahead of time.  They were still pretty impressed.

Afterwards we dumped out everything the best we could and cleaned it up.  When daddy and Tyler got home we were going to try it again, but with a twist.  They were surpised when it erupted BLUE lava!  Austin's choice of course.  Jesse is still voting for orange and I'm sure Tyler's vote would be purple.

Austin also wrote up a paper about his project so we can turn it in when we have our monthly meeting with our Supervising Teacher.

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