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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lessons Learned

When I picked up the boys from daycare today they were playing with a big plastic bat and ball.  You know, one of those huge ones that look like a flimsy plastic caveman club from the Flinstones.  As one of the older boys took the bat I warned Austin to back up so he did not get hit.  Of course, my dear 5 year old doesn't think Mommy knows what she's talking about.  So he happily stayed right where he was and in the next moment fell down holding his cheek screaming. 

After some comforting and an ice pack on his red cheek we had a little talk about listening to Mommy and about not standing close to someone when they have a baseball bat in their hands.  Imagine if it had been one of the t-ball bats they use for practice and games!

I told Austin to make sure in the future that he does not stand too close to anyone who is holding a bat.  He agreed and I told him to listen to Mommy next time so he does not have to learn his lesson the hard way.  It was quiet in the car for a few moments after this.  Then I hear Austin speak up.

"You know what I decided Mommy?  I think it is better to learn my lessons the easy way from now on!"

Now only if he would remember and live by this.  Someone I have a feeling this conviction will not be long lived though.

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