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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Help! I'm talking and I can't shut up!

A couple weeks ago I saw a shirt with this caption and immediately thought of Austin.  When I told Shaun about the t-shirt he asked me why I did not buy it for him.  I think I'm going to have to have one made up.  Especially after today - the boy has talked non-stop and the thought actually crossed my mind at a few points to duct tape his mouth.  I know bad mom - but I did not act on it!  He seriously talks non-stop even in his sleep!

I think today he told me over a dozen times that he was going to be quiet and then barely took a breath before he was off talking about something else.

Tonight for dinner he was eating corn dogs, and it is NOT the first time he has eaten them.  Not by a long shot.

"Mommy, something is freaking me out about this hot dog and bread mixing thing!" 

This is after we had talked about having mac & cheese and hot dogs for dinner.  But we realized we did not have hot dogs - Austin's solution was to pull the bread off the corn dog and then cut up the hot dogs to go in the mac & cheese.  We settled with corn dogs though because he didn't want mac & cheese.  (He informed me of this after his solution to the missing hot dog problem).

After this he tried to convince me that the corn dog had given him a brain freeze.  But knowing him - I guess it could be possible.

For dessert he was allowed to have one piece of my homemade peppermint bark which he calls candy bark.  I should have seen this one coming -

"Daddy, why do they call it candy bark when it does not actually even have real bark in it?"  Good question, actually.

Wondering if I should hit the "publish" button yet - he is still awake after all - there may be more to write tonight.

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