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Sunday, December 20, 2009

God's Little Blessings

Grant me the patience to deal with my blessings!

This is a quote I saw for the first time a few years ago and I can so relate to it.  I love my children dearly but at times I have had the urge to just run away to a cabin up in the woods with my Bible and journal for some peace and quiet.

My boys drive me crazy at times, but I know that if I was away from them for any period of time I would be missing them desparately.  They make me laugh and down below all that obnoxiousness they are sweet and loving boys.  I would miss Austin's sweet dimpled smile and the way he comes in at night just to give me a kiss and say he loves me (even if it is all a ploy to stay up a few minutes more!) and I would miss my "Jesse loving" - those sweet hugs and kisses that he so freely gives.  And all the cuddling with my sweet little boys - I know it won't last forever and I need to cherish it now.

Today at house church Austin decorated an index card with stickers and then handed it to me and asked if I could send it to God for him.  He said it was a birthday card for Jesus. 

Then on the way home he asked me why nothing was new.  He said that everything looked the way it had always looked and nothing was new.  I was not sure at first what he was talking about but I think he must have heard something about God making all things new.  His next words to me were:

"Mommy, I want things to be new cause I want to see Jesus face to face because I'm tired of not seeing him all the time!"

The dear little boy has such a big heart and has such good intentions.  So - Lord, please grant me the patience to deal with my sweet, beautiful, exhausting blessings!

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