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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Austin's On-stage Debut

Last week Austin had his on-stage debut.  He was a penguin, a very adorable one at that.  We've discussed for quite some time now how he will most likely end up on stage one day so this year we signed him up at the local theater to perform in their winter/Christmas performance. 

His part was not big - just one of many penguins that waddled up on stage towards the end of the 2nd act and sang a single song.  I must say though he was very adorable.  He practiced his penguin waddle for weeks.  And mom even made his costume!  For those who know me very well, I'm sure you can imagine the look of panic in my eyes when they announced that we had to make our children's costumes.  But made it I did and it turned out pretty good.  Thank you Lord for velcro and staples!

While we still think he'll be on stage one day, I think I'll wait another year before we sign him up at the theater again.  For the little ones they have them sit with you until their cue.  So they sat with us for the 1st act and most of the 2nd act for three performances over a 2 day period.  He was so cute onstage, but prior to that each performance I almost lost my patience (okay, I DID lose it!).  He just does not have the ability to sit still and quiet that long when he is excited about getting up on the stage.  And I refused to let him just run around and disrupt other parents and grandparents who were trying to watch their precious ones onstage.  Each performance we ended up in the lobby for a period of time.  Given, by the third performance he was getting better though.

The first performance though was my favorite.  After the kids sang their song they were to sit while the big kids did one more song before they all took their bows.  After the song was done Austin stood a tad bit longer than the other penguins so he could bestow a huge dimpled smile and big wave upon the audience.  All my frustration wrestling with him through the performance just melted away at that point.  There is a very good reason the Lord made this one so stinking cute and funny.

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