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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pianos and Computers

These last two weeks my 5 year old has been on a creative roll (actually this is really just normal Austin).  Give him a piece of paper and a couple markers and he can make anything. 

Last week, he drew himself a piano.  He drew some piano keys on one side, some music above it and then letters down the other side which he told me was the words so he knew what to sing.  We were driving and he sat in the back with the piece of paper on his lap "playing" the piano.  A few minutes into his masterpiece I hear him say, "Uh oh.  The batteries died.  Mommy you can turn on the other music." (meaning the radio).  I start to hear paper shuffling and then a few moments later I hear "Okay, Mommy.  Turn off the other music.  I found some batteries for my piano!"  And the recital began again.

A couple days later he folded a piece of paper in half and made himself a laptop computer.  As we were driving that day he asked me what type of music I liked then proceeded to type his "secret" code in his laptop.  Not so secret anymore though, as he quite loudly announced each letter and number as he typed it in.  Then his laptop began to play music for me.  This consisted of him singing to the tune of the "Go to sleep" lullabye.

Halloween, halloween.
You must give us some candy
We dressed up,
It's Halloween
It's Halloweeeeennnnn timmmeeee!

When we got home he had to set up his laptop in his room to play music for all his stuffed animals while we did school.  Every 15 minutes or so he would take a break from school to go change the music for his animals because he said "they like variety Mom!"

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