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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Homeschool News!

We started homeschooling this week - this year we have two in school. My daughter is in 3rd grade (her 2nd year being homeschooled) and my eldest son is in Kindergarten. Monday was the first day of our co-op and they both did great and loved it (picture above was taken just before we left for the co-op). Today was our first day at home. We are going with a new curriculums this year and I really like them. And I'm much more organized this year, which helps too.

We are part of a homeschool co-op 3 days a week and then doing 2 days a week at home. This co-op has been such a blessing to us - so much support and such wonderful families. We are a group of 11 families that all are homeschooling our children and have similar beliefs in how we want to raise up our children. The "teachers" are all parents. The main focus for us is to raise our children to be like Daniel in the Bible - to excel in academics, to lead lifestyles of prayer and fasting and to run with excellent comrades.

I never would have imagined even a few years ago that I would be homeschooling my children or that I would enjoy it so much. It is alot of hard work and takes a bit of juggling for our family since I work, but it has been so rewarding in so many ways for the entire family!

To celebrate the new homeschool year I wanted to mention to everyone that The Homeschool Lounge is having a Homeschool Open House. Check it out!!!

If you homeschool or are thinking about homeschooling I recommend considering this site as a resource. I've found tons of great ideas here for us.

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