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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Getting Ready for School!!!

We got the last order of books that we are going to have to buy out of our pockets for next year. The rest should be covered by the Charter school.

I can't believe we'll have two in school this year. One in 3rd grade and one in Kindergarten. Look at all the books - and this is just Language Arts, Math and Music. I still have Science for both of them, Art and then we'll be doing Spanish and Typing again with Tyler.

Austin is so excited about school and I have to keep telling him the books are for next month when school starts. Tyler is very excited that she'll be doing cursive handwriting this year.

And I must admit, although I know it is going to tire me out - I'm really excited too! But I'm going to have to get a planner for sure this year to juggle their school, Daniel Academy, work and everything else! Thank goodness I have a week off to go visit family before the school year gets started!

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