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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th of July

We took a trip up to Oregon last weekend to visit my husband's grandparents. We've not seen them since Thanksgiving and it was great to spend a few days with them. The kids loved it and I think Grandma & Grandpa enjoyed having the kids around.

My hubby and Grandpa took the kids to the local parade on Saturday and then my hubby took my daughter to go see fireworks that evening. The boys were exhausted from playing in the dirt all day long and I just wanted to relax. It was a nice father/daughter time for them and she really had fun. They did see one house go up in flames across the lake though they said. Scary!!!

Here is a picture of my youngest. After this picture was taken Grandma offered to show them how to make mud pies. We passed on that!

On the way home Sunday my youngest was eating and accidently bit his cheek and started crying. My husband and I both had to fight to not laugh when we heard our 4 1/2 year old tell the 3 yr old in a very sweet voice - "It's okay, we all make mistakes sometimes. Right mommy?"

All in all it was a very nice and actually a relaxing trip. Even with two 5 hour drives during the weekend.

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