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Friday, June 5, 2009

Imaginary Friend Tragedy - Part 2

I recently followed up with my son to see how the dilemna with his imaginary friend was going. If you did not read my first post about this, read the post directly below this one first. Here is our conversation:

Me: So, is your imaginary friend talking to you yet?

A: No, he is at grandma's house.

Me: At grandma's house, why is he there?

A: Because he is in a time-out. He's in the bedroom in a time-out.

Me: Oh, okay. Did you find out why he was mad at you and no longer talking to you?

A: He was mad at me because I hit him.

Me: Oh, I see. Well, it is not very nice to hit. I can see why he'd be mad.

A: Yeah, but I hit him because he bit me. He bit me because I told him he could not have my lunch.

Me: Well, have you decided what you are going to do about this?

A: Well. . . I thought about making up a new imaginary friend, but then I figured he would just try to take my lunch and bite me too. So I decided it is just not worth it.

Since this conversation, I've not heard anything else about imaginary friends.

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