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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Night Terrors

My eldest son (will be 5 in September) has started having night terrors on a regular basis. He'll start screaming for one of us during the middle of the night and it is very hard to calm him down and get him back to sleep. And then once we get back to bed and start to doze off again, he is screaming again. Most of the time I think it is hard to calm him down because he is not really even awake.

He is now convinced we have itchy bugs in our house and an itchy monster under his bed. The only description of his dreams that I can get is once he told us that he dreamed of monkeys itching his sister. Other than that he can never tell us what exactly his dreams are about.

I've been praying over him at night. Together before bed and then again once he is asleep. Someone told me this can be normal for boys his age and to try to keep the room cool because supposedly being overheated causes these to come on.

Anyone else ever had to deal with these? What worked for you? I'm going to keep up the prayer because to me that is the best solution but if there is any other wisdom the Lord can impart on me through others that would be wonderful.

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