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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Birthday

Yesterday was my 34th birthday and it was wonderful. My kids most of all made the day amazing.

The day started off with me getting ready for work. My hubby and the kids were staying home for the day so I got up quietly and got ready to go. I was actually almost out the door without anyone waking up when my 4 year old came stumbling out of his room. He asked me where I was going and I told him I was heading to work. At this he started sobbing, "But its your BIRTHDAY, Mommy!!!" My hubby spoke up at that moment though and asked him if he wanted breakfast. Immediately the tears dried up, a smile lit his face and I was forgotten. He is only 4 and his stomach already rules that boy!

Work was pretty quiet as I had expected. I did not mind being there though as I'm working on documenting processes for the new hire that is starting next Monday so I can move on to a new and better position myself. At lunch I had two co-workers "kidnap" me and take me to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch and then to a movie.

After this I went home and was greeted by my little angels. My youngest who usually greets me with a loud "Mommmmmyyyyy, Mommmyyyy!" and a hug, saw me come in through the garage. He immediately ran away from me yelling "Mommmyyyyy!" while pointing behind him. Obviously my 2 1/2 year old was the "lookout".

Then my 4 year old jumped out and yelled "Surprise!!!"

They had gone out during the day and picked out frosting, cake mix and ice cream. My daughter then made me her very first cake. My hubby said all he did was get out the ingredients and measuring cups for her. She did the rest. Then each of them signed their names in frosting on the cake. Even my youngest (if you look really hard you can make out the yellow frosting squiggles in the middle of the cake).

They had 34 candles on it so the first ones had melted quite a bit and were dripping wax by the time the last were lit. After they sang "Happy Birthday" and more wax had melted onto the cake, I had all three kids help me blow out the candles. It is a good thing there was not a smoke detector right above the kitchen table. It would have gone off for sure!

All in all, it was not a birthday with tons of material gifts, however, it was filled with the best gifts of all. Lots of love and joy. My friends and family made me feel like a Queen for the Day and made it one of the best birthdays I've ever had!

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Chrisy said...

Happy birthday and hope the rest of the year is filled with the love that you had on this day...thanks for sharin...