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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Day of School

Yesterday was my daughter's first day of 2nd grade. If you have been following my blogs you'll know that we took her out of the private Christian school she has been attending the last two years and we've enrolled her in a local public charter school which supports homeschooling parents. In addition, we have become part of a homeschool co-op, so three days a week she goes to the co-op which is taught by parents and two days a week she is doing more independent study (she goes to work with my hubby and does her work in the office).

The charter school officially started last week while I was on vacation visiting my family with the kids. We had some items for her to work on while we were there. The co-op though started yesterday. I was a bit worried because although she was excited about the co-op and being homeschooled she was also at times almost in tears because she had loved the private school she attended in prevous years. She had alot of friends there as well.

I called my husband yesterday after he dropped her off, wondering how it went. He said that she jumped out of the car and did not even stop to tell him goodbye. Then on her way home yesterday I talked to her on the phone. I asked her how her day was and she was so happy and excited!

Me: So, how was your first day at school?

T: It was fun! I don't ever want to go back to A (private school) and I don't ever want to go to public school. Homeschool is soooo much fun!!!

She even told me that she did not have any homework, but when I came home I realized she did have a packet of math work to finish before her next co-op day (Wednesday). She loved it so much that she did not even consider the packet of papers homework. She did some of it last night and then finished it today while she was at work with my hubby. And she started a typing program on the computer that we purchased for her along with some writing, reading and Science that I had arranged for her to work on today. She loves all of that as well.

I love to have things all planned out and this whole homeschool thing is very new to me. On top of that the co-op is just starting this year and we are still figuring out all the logistics. This is very stressful for me given I'm an accountant and like to have things planned out ahead of time. I can handle things not happening the way I planned, but I want at least a preliminary plan. These loose ends are driving me nuts.

But at the same time I am loving this and am so excited to be more active in what she is learning this year. This is going to be tough and different, it will definitely stretch us all. But I am so excited for this new journey and I'm so thankful that my daughter is enjoying it as well.

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