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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bad Mom Moment?

This summer my husband it working away from the home for a few hours each day of the week. He usually does the drop off and pickup for the kids. We have two daycares set up for the summer. One is a lovely Christian woman who has been watching my children since my daughter was only a few weeks old and does preschool with my boys. The other is a friend (another Christian) who my dear husband is working on her vehicles as a trade for babysitting.

Last week, my husband called me at work and asked if I could pick up the kids because he wanted to be able to stay at work a bit longer. I have the option of taking my laptop home at night and working from home, so this worked fine for me. I left work early and headed to the one daycare to pick up my children.

As I walked in the door and sat on the couch, this was our conversation.

C: Are you here visiting?

Me: My kids aren't here?
(At this point I wonder if my husband went ahead and left work and picked up the kids and did not bother to call me and let me know)

C: No, it is Wednesday. I don't watch the kids on Wednesdays. When I saw you come in I figured you either were coming to visit or you did not know where your kids were.
(she says this with a smile - she is obviously finding this humorous!)

Me: Oh my gosh! It's the later, I'm at the wrong house - I forgot where my kids were. Well, hello and goodbye! Nice to visit with you again!

Luckily, the two houses are only about 2 blocks from one another so I was still able to arrive by the time I needed to be there. That sure felt like a Bad Mom Moment though!

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joeyandaleethea said...

Hehe kinda funny...for the sitter at least!

And as a Mama I would've been cracking up all the way while walking over to the other house though.

Uh oh...would THAT be a bad mom moment?? :)