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Monday, July 21, 2008

Austin's Prayer

My eldest son, Austin has nightmares and wakes up crying quite often. I've gotten into the habit of praying with him each night and asking the Lord to watch over him each night and to protect his mind. Tonight as I was praying Austin wanted to pray as well.

It was very cute and adorable, but what really hit me was how sincere he was and how very trusting he was. He had no doubt that God was going to answer his prayers. We just spoke of this at church last night. I need to find that faith again, the faith of a child. They never question that we will take care of them or that God will take care of them.

Austin's Prayer:

"Dear God, thank you for this day and thank you for everything.
Thank you letting us go everywhere like the store, and Cheri's and Krysta's.
Please watch over my blanket tonight and keep the bad dreams out of my blanket's head.

(I had already prayed for him and his dreams so he did not think it was necessary to go over that ground again. However, he had told me that his blanket has bad dreams too and that he wanted to pray for his blanket like I pray for him)

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