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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Jesse - Speech Therapy?

My youngest, Jesse turned two the beginning of this month. He is still not really talking. He has a few words that he says (Mamma, Dadda, uh oh) regularly and a few that he uses less frequently (Tyler, milk, more). In total he has maybe a dozen words that he says, some more clear than others.

The doctor said not to worry too much at this point. My other two talked much earlier, but so far Jesse has done everything slower than them (they walked at 10 1/2 and 11 months, he waited until 15 months). It may just be that he does not have a need to speak. Anything he wants the other two pretty much do or get for him. All he has to do is point and grunt. He does talk all day long, but it is not English. At least nothing we can understand. It is pretty much just "lalalala" with different tones. Sounds like he is talking and very serious at times, but we just have no idea what he is saying. It is clear that he understands us though.

Come to find out Shaun had to go for speach therapy when he was younger as well. Jesse is basically a minature Shaun personality wise. So it very well may come to that.

The doctor gave us a referral and told us to go ahead and make an appt so they could evaluate him, but for now he said not to worry too much.

So that is what I'm trying to do, not worry too much. In some ways it is a bit of a relief. Austin never stops talking, so he is basically doing enough for both of them!


CC said...

Hi! I'm a Speech Pathologist and just found your blog through blogrush. If your son really only has a few words and isn't combining them at all, I would definitely sign him up for an evaluation. Sometimes it takes months to get in for the eval. If his language explodes, then you can always cancel. Better to be safe and act sooner rather than later. Plus, I've found that speech and language difficulties often run in the family.

SpeechTherapyMom said...

I agree with the last comment. I am also a speech pathologist and have a website to help parents with providing information. If you want some guidelines for how many words he should be using you can check out this article I have posted on my blog;

In this post I have a list of many ways to help you child learn new words;

I hope you find these articles helpful.

Rebecca said...


And now from a non-expert... LOL!!!

Benny started speech therapy a few months before he was 2 and is still in it. I cannot tell you enough how wonderful it has been! Do try not to worry, some kids just take longer and some may have a world of things going on in their heads and just not know how to get it out. :)