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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Austin the Talker

My middle child, Austin, talks alot. In fact, this past year each week my daughter had to write sentences using the current week's spelling words. Almost every week she would bring home her assignment and at least one sentence somehow incorporated how much Austin talks. A typical conversation with him sometimes goes like this. . .

Me: "Austin, can you please be quiet for a little bit for Mommy."

Austin: "Yes mommy. I can be quiet"

Less than 15 seconds later. . .

Austin: "Mommmeeee, I'm being quiet!"

Me: "Austin, you are talking right now. To be quiet you need to not talk."

Austin: "I know mommy. I can be quiet" (Now he begins his idea of a whisper which is only slightly quieter) "Mommy, see I can be quiet. I'm being quiet right now mommy! Aren't I being good and quiet mommy. I told you I could be quiet."

So you get the picture.

Tonight Austin wanted to me to read to him. We had read a couple Dr. Seuss books and I asked Tyler if she could bring me another book to read to Austin. She walks in with another book and very matter of factly says. . .

"Mom, here is one that Austin can learn something from." as she hands me the book. I look at the title, it is "Marvin K. Mooney, will you please go now!"

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