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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Latest in my Life

Last night was a bit eventful. Shaun is on crutches right now as he had knee surgery a couple weeks ago. It was totally unplanned. An injury that happened about 10 years ago that keeps popping back up and he has just been putting a brace on his knee for a couple days each time until it gets better. However, this last time things were so bad that he could not straighten his leg to even get the brace on. So he ended up visiting the emergency room which led to an "emergency" knee surgery.

So now he has been "repaired" but is off his feet and on crutches for 2 months. Should be lots of fun considering he stays home with our boys (3 1/2 and 2 years) and year end is coming up for me at work (meaning lots of overtime and some weekend hours)!

So last night he stayed home with all three kids while I attended a meeting about a homeschooling co-op that is starting up here that I am feeling a leading from the Lord to be a part of. That is a whole other post though (which I will be posting about on my other blog - Ang4him - in the near future).

I got home last night about 8:30 to find out my boys had both been in bed since just after six. Apparently they decided the giant teddy bear in their room had very dry skin and smelled bad. They got their little grubby hands on two bottles of Baby Magic lotion and rubbed him down. I'm not sure about his skin condition, but he definitely smells like a baby's freshly bathed and powdered bottom now. At least I don't have to worry about the awful smell we are sometimes greeted with in the mornings when you first walk in the room.

A little later my oldest boy started crying and complaining that his lips hurt. Upon inspection my husband discovered he had gotten into his sister's fingernail polish. Apparently he mistook it for lip gloss and had light pink, sparkly lips!

It seems the boys understand that daddy is not able to get around quite as well anymore. He said everytime he turns around they are getting into something and making a mess. These next couple months could be a test of our patience for sure. It is one time I really wish we could afford a housekeeper! Or at least full time daycare while Shaun is recovering.


Suzie said...

I know its not funny but it is a little funny especially the nail polish and baby lotion. You've just gotta keep laughing. You'll both get through this.

Ang said...

Oh I agree. It is always frustrating at the time, but when I retell it later, it is always funny. The boys are always doing things like that. I try to write them down b/c I know someday I'll cherish these and get a huge laugh out of them. And. . . some of the things they do I can use to embarrass them when they get older :)

Daiquiri said...

Oh no! I can't imagine that nail polish as lip gloss feels very good!

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