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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Birthday Note to My Daddy!

My favorite picture of Daddy & Me
July 1975

April 7th is a special day. Why you may ask? Well, it is because today 55 years ago the Lord put a very special man on this earth. He was just a little wrinkly, squalling baby held in his mother's arms that day, but God knew the plans He had for that baby. Plans for him to become a wonderful, strong and smart man who would raise two children of his own.

Just over 35 years ago this little baby had become a man and held in his arms for the first time a little pink bundle which would change his life forever. That little bundle was me. Daddy was young and I'm sure pretty unsure of himself, but I also know he was excited. I've heard many times the story of him driving home in the early hours of the morning with his window rolled down, yelling at anyone who was awake that he had a little girl.

I was a huge daddy's girl growing up and I still am to this day. My daddy taught me from a young age that I could do anything if I was just willing to work at it. He taught me about hard-work, honesty, love and family. He was a rock in my life when things were rough. He was the one who took me fishing and hunting. He spent hours with me and my horse Liberty when I used to compete. He was at every event my brother or I ever had and he was always cheering us on - letting us know that he thought we were the best and that he was proud of us.

And now it is our turn to be proud of him. After working at the same company for almost 35 years, my father found himself out of a job when they shut down the sawmill. Due to injuries received on the job years ago, he is not able to stay in this line of work. So they are sending him back to school At the age of 55 my dad is going back to school. This is a whole new ballgame for him. Just like 35 years ago, I know he is pretty unsure of himself. But I also know that he will jump in and do the best he can do - and I know that his "best" is going to be awesome.

So Daddy, when you read this I just want you to know that I'm very proud of you. You read that essay to me that you wrote in class the other day, the one about me and how you thought I was smart, how you were proud of me and how I've never disappointed you. Well, it was easy to do daddy, because I had a great example to follow all these years. I am who I am today because I had a wonderful daddy who has always loved me and supported me. I've never had a reason to doubt that.

So Happy Birthday Daddy! I love you and I'm very very proud of you!

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