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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

Today was my birthday!  Growing up birthdays were a big deal and one of the perks was no chores on your birthday.  I've never outgrown that mentality of birthday's being a very special day.

So today, I turned 35.  I don't feel 35 - at least not most days.  And very rarely do I feel that age mentally :)

Today was special, not because of anything big that happened but just because I was able to spend the day with people I care about and love.

First stop was to see my dear friend, Pearl for a new do.  She does an amazing job on my hair, the only bad thing is that I don't go see her as often as I should.  Not only is she my hairdresser, she is a dear friend.  I spent a lovely morning treating myself to a rare cut and color and visiting with her.  While there, my cousin April popped in and I was able to spend some time visiting with her as well.  I don't see her as often as I would like either!

Then I headed off to work where my boss and co-worker took me to lunch at Mongolian BBQ - one of my favorite restaurants.  After I tried to go back to work, but she would have none of that and shoo'd me out of the building.  So I decided to go see my friend Gina who was off work this week.   She just got a new apartment and I spent a few hours visiting with her and another friend while helping her unpack.  (I think I did more watching than actually helping, but we had fun visiting!)

I then spent some time at Starbucks sipping on a delicious peppermint white mocha and then went in search of a book for me to treat myself too.  I ended up at a little used book store in the small town I live.  I've been wanting to pop into this place for awhile now, but never found the opportunity.  This place was absolutely wonderful.  They served me pomegrante tea and gave me a tour.  I ended up with a new Ted Dekker book!

Then at home I found that Shaun and Tyler had gone to Icing on the Cupcake to get cupcakes for my birthday, including red velvet with cream cheese frosting.   Yummy!  And of course Shaun had to stuff 35 candles on the cupcakes!

Now I'm off to take a nice warm bubble bath and start reading my new book.  What a lovely day!

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