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Monday, April 6, 2009

Halloween Week in April?

I've been disturbed lately with things on television and tend to be very aware of what my daughter (almost 8) watches on television. Disney channel is the "in" thing for most girls her age. I'm a bit leary about many of the shows - on the surface they may seem harmless but I see them as teaching values I don't want my daughter to grow up buying into. There seems to be a huge emphasis on material things. Of course that is just the world in general right now and I can't shelter her to that extent. All I can do it limit her exposure and make sure I discuss these things with her so she understands my concerns and reasons for them.

In addition, I've always been a bit disturbed about the shows that pop up around Halloween. As the years go by, Halloween is a holiday I would rather avoid and I don't care for the way many things associated with it are glamorized now. Disney even has a show about a wizard family on their normal line-up right now that makes it all seem okay. I've watched a couple episodes and found myself chuckling along with it at times. I'm concerned what we may be teaching our kids though, what we may be passing off as harmless that in reality is not so harmless. (I already posted awhile back about the vampire shirt I saw at Target)

Now I've found out that Disney is doing a Halloween in April week. It is to be this week (started yesterday). Beginning on Palm Sunday, through Passover and Good Friday - through Saturday, the day before Easter.

Maybe it is just a coincidence, but I find the timing disturbing. The older my children get the more sensitive I am becoming to things in this world and the way they subtlely influence our children. As I said I don't want to totally shelter them as they need to know how to function in this world. But I definitely want to equip them. What are your thoughts?

Correction: Halloween Week in April on Disney is actually starting on April 12th, Easter Day. I think this is just as bad if not worse than having it during the Holy Week which includes Passover. They are starting this on the day we are all celebrating our Savior's resurrection. Once again, I must wonder if this is just a coincidence or not.

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