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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Our Trip to the Supermarket

Today, my daughter and I had an interesting trip to the local supermarket. We were just picking up a couple of items and so had three bags as we walked out. As we got to the door the woman in front of us stopped in the middle of the open door. I heard her mumbling under her breath and it appeared she had gotten her cart a bit sideways in the door and was now stuck.

As we watched someone came in the other door and she slipped out. I figured she was going to grab the front of her cart to get it unstuck and pull it through. However, once she was out she just started walking briskly away and never looked back. Her cart was still sitting in the middle of the doorway blocking it. By that time there were quite a few of us starting to pile up behind the cart. That is when we noticed that none of her groceries were bagged.

I knew that the supermarkets had carts which would lock up if they were taken out of the parking lot in order to keep people from stealing carts. Apparently they also lock up if you try to leave the grocery store without first passing through a checkout counter.

So, it was a bit of a weird trip today to the store, but it brought up some interesting conversation between my daughter and I today regarding the subject of stealing. And it is probably more excitement than we've had around here for awhile. Sad I know, but true!

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