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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Choo Choo Train

My husband worked today so I was home with the three kids. I ended up feeding them a snack of cheese, crackers and oranges. At one point my 4 year old says "Mommy, look! I made a choo-choo train!"

I started to scold him for playing with his food but then I looked over and saw his "train". I had to admit I was pretty impressed that he had come up with that all on his own. He is definitely my most creative child, always coming up with things that nobody else would ever think of!

So we took a picture, I told him how creative he was and how that was really good and then I encouraged him to demolish his train and eat it. We did have a picture now anyway!

So here is my son's choo choo train with cracker wheels, a cheese body and oranges for steam. (I guess this was a steam engine!)

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