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Monday, November 10, 2008

Turning the table on telemarketers

Daddy - this one is for you!

Our family is pretty much solely a cell phone family now. We do have a home phone line but I could not tell you what the number is and the ringer is never on. I'm not even sure if the phone is actually plugged into the wall. We basically have it because with it our internet service is a couple dollars less each month and we have one of those printer/copier/fax machine things. So it is convenient to have the line for faxes when necessary.

However growing up I remember getting all those telemarketer calls. My dad is a storyteller. Actually his whole family is pretty much a family of storytellers. If you get my dad, my uncle Verlon and my brother together - you are sure to have a sore stomach the next morning from all the laughing.

Dad has been known to turn things around on telemarketers. My mother sells Mary Kay and I remember the story of him trying to sell an unsuspecting telemarketer some Mary Kay products. He's always been extremely supportive of mom!

So, Daddy - this one is for you. Telemarketers call and control the conversation using a script. Now we have a tool to fight back - the CounterScript. I'm thinking I may plug in the phone and turn on the ringer just so I can try this one out! I wonder how long I can keep it up without laughing? I dare you Daddy - give it a try and let me know what happens! ;)

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Betty Beguiles said...

Your Dad sounds amazing! That's so funny! Thanks for sharing!