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Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Morning in My Life

So here is how my morning went - in the past I would have been in a horrible mood by the time I got to work - but today I was able to just brush it off with a laugh (my thankful heart blog must be working!) So now I'm going to share it with you in the hopes that it might bring a snicker to someone else and brighten their day!

Normally I take our two boys to daycare in the morning and pick up my daycare's two grandsons and drop them off to school on my way to work. Today however, I needed to be at work by 8am in for a webconference. So my hubby did "kid duty" this morning and I got up early so I could be out the door by 7:30 at the latest. I wanted to hit Starbucks this morning because I had a hankering for a Peppermint White Mocha. I figured that would give me time to get through the drive-thru and then to work and logged in.

I actually got out the door a little before 7:30 and was congratulating myself on being so efficient this morning as I pulled out of the driveway. I was about a mile down the road when I looked over and realized I had grabbed my computer and my books but I had left my purse at home. So I flipped around and headed back home. I called my husband figuring I would have him bring my purse out to me and save a few precious minutes - I would still have time for my coffee!

So I called him (yes, I used a bluetooth) - no answer. I figured I would try again. I've learned this trick with him. Dial once, then dial again and he usually picks up. My daughter answered the phone. I told her what was going on and as I pulled up to the house the garage door opened and out she came with my purse. It was now exactly 7:30 - I was still on schedule!

I made the drive into town (about 7 miles to where I work) and pulled into the drive thru at the Starbucks just down the road from my work. The line was a little long but as I looked at the clock I noted it was 7:42 - the traffic had been light on the highway and I had hit no red lights on the way in. I had plenty of time still.

As I sat there I decided to pull out my debit card now so I would not have to do it later. Good thing I decided to do that because when I opened my wallet there looking back at me was an empty credit card slot. It was then that I remembered having slipped the card into my jeans pocket the day before. My debit card - my sole way of paying for my drink was in my jeans at home in the laundry!

In the meantime, a van had pulled into the drive-thru behind me. I put my car in reverse but she did not see my lights because we were so crammed into the drive thru. I tried to motion to her but my back window is tinted too dark. So I rolled down my window, motioned that I needed to back up and then backed out total embarrasment.

I did make it to work in time and did grab some coffee in the little kitchen at work. Not a peppermint white mocha, but it was caffiene. I am thankful that I was not further through the line or that I had not already ordered by the time I realized I did not have my card on me. Can you imagine getting up there and then explaining that you had forgetten your debit card at home! Ugh!! Welcome to a morning in my life! :)

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