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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

First Real Day of Homeschooling

My daughter is part of a homeschool co-op Monday, Wednesday and Friday - but Tuesday/Thursday the co-op does not meet so she normally goes to work with her father because we both work full-time. We are determined that homeschooling and this co-op is what is best for her and are determined to make it work.

I put together a lesson plan and homework for her to do the night before and go over it with her and then she basically does an independent study those two days. My husband is there to help her with any questions but it is not the typical parent sitting with her the entire day. Each night I go over with her what she had done for the day (even the co-op days). I was a little worried at first about doing things this way since she is doing school basically all throughout the day, but she really loves it.

I've really enjoyed this as well. It is definitely more work than in previous years when she attended private school, especially since some subjects I do all the teaching as they are not part of the co-op (for example Science).

To be honest in previous years going through her homework each night and doing projects were often more of a pain/obligation than something we enjoyed doing together (myself or my daughter.) However, this year it is all so different. The extra work and stress is far outweighed by the enjoyment I am getting out of sitting with my daughter and teaching her. It is a joy in my life now!

Yesterday was the first day I've had off since school started for which she was not in the co-op. So when my husband got up and took the boys to preschool/daycare I got up and started doing our first full day of school. We got through quite a bit but more importantly we had a blast! We met with our Supervising Teacher from the public charter school she is enrolled through around lunchtime. I had put together a pretty aggressive schedule for the day and we were doing great by the time we had our meeting so we stopped by Starbucks on the way home as a treat. It was the best day I've had in a long time.

I never imagined how much homeschooling would bring me joy and bring me closer to my daughter. If I could quit my job and stay home full-time and homeschool, I think I really would enjoy it. In the past I always thought being a stay-at-home mom would drive me crazy - but now I think it would actually be an amazing blessing!


BlogMom said...

Hey Ang, I really appreciated your comment over on BlogMommas. I really enjoyed this post and how teaching has become such a joy for you. In your comment you mentioned the charter school - I just got in some information for a charter school here that assists families with homeschooling and am pouring over their information. Thank you again. :)


BlogMom said...

I love that you stopped by Starbucks for a treat, LOL!! You are so cool!