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Saturday, January 19, 2008


So I've been thinking about this whole blogging for money thing for awhile now. I love to write and blogging is a way for me to do so. But I figure, there are lots of people making money off of their sites too, so why not me? I don't want my blog to turn into a huge advertisement though.

Well, I've taken my first step. I've signed up with InboxDollars. This is not exactly getting paid to blog, but I am getting paid to take surveys, read emails and to buy things online that I would have anyway. It is not much, but it is something.

So far I've been signed up for only a few days but have made over $12.00 for just a little bit of my time, a majority of it doing things that I would be doing anyway.

If you are interested in checking it out click on the InboxDollars box on my sidebar or the one below in this post. (And yes, I do get a bit of money for referrals as well - and this month there is a sweepstakes for a Wii or a digital camera related to referrals!)

If you do this I would suggest setting up a separate email for these things. I have an email account with yahoo that I was never using before, so I set it up and that is the email I use for these things. It keeps my personal email from getting to cluttered.

As I continue with this and hopefully add some other ways of making a bit of extra cash online, I'll keep you updated on how I like it and how I'm doing.


AtomiK Kitten said...

Good luck getting them (or any other get paid to read emails place) to pay out like they promise. What about opening a cafepress shop and make Christian t-shirts or something?

Ang said...

Since I work full time and have three small kids I don't have the time or energy to do something like design, make and then ship out t-shirts or anything like that :)

This is not taking up much more time than I already spend on the internet and in some cases it is earning money for things I would be doing anyway (some of my online purchases, etc)

I'll keep you updated on how hard it is to get paid. I'm only trying ones that I've received feedback on from others, so hopefully it won't be a huge problem, but we'll see!

So far it looks like many of these make money because others advertise on them and most likely many who try to make money on these things end up spending much more because of all the "great offers". But I've learned my lesson on those things before. If it is something I'm already looking for great - if not, then "Just say NO!" :)