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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Potty Training Woes

Okay, so I'm frustrated now. About a month ago we were well on our way to having Austin potty trained. He was excited to go on the toilet and would even tell us when he had to go. Then all of a sudden he has regressed. He'll go on the potty for me if I constantly ask him to go and make him go in the bathroom and try. If I ask him if he needs to go though he says no.

However, for Shaun he won't go at all. Shaun will ask and he'll say no. Shaun will make him try and he will not. I've tried to talk to him about it, but he just smiles and says "I go potty in my underwears!" He does not seem to care at all if he goes in his underwear.

He turned three last month and I'm frustrated and don't know what to do now. We've tried so many things and they'll work for a day or two and then, "poof" no more!

Especially since he absolutely refuses to cooperate with Shaun, who stays home with him all day.

Okay, so now I have it out. Thank you everyone for listening to my whining tonight.


The Stevens Family said...

Did you try a sticker chart or m&m's? What if he pees on cheerios? Just a couple suggestions.

Ang said...

We've done the sticker chart (worked great with our daughter, only about a week for him), we've tried M&Ms and we've even done temporary tattoos. That worked the best so far, but still not very successful.

I think I may try the peeing on the cheerios. Once I get him in there he is fine, it is just getting him in there and getting hime to tell us when he needs to go. I know he understands it because he was doing it consistently for almost 2 weeks.