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Friday, October 26, 2007

The Golden Compass

I had seen this book before and actually almost picked it up a couple times. After doing some research, I am now glad I did not. This is the first book of a trilogy (His Dark Materials) by Phillip Pullman, an avowed aethist. I don't have a problem necessarily with a book written by an aethist, it is his purpose for these books that concerns me. Especially since the first book (Golden Compass, known as Northern Lights in Britian) is now being made into a movie.

Phillip has been very upfront about his beliefs and his intention to "kill God" in the minds of children. The movie which is scheduled to be out the beginning of December and stars Nicole Kidman has been toned down according to critics. This is an attempt to draw in children and their parents in hopes that they will request the books for Christmas. From my research each book gets worse (The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass).

The more research I do regarding this trilogy series the more I'm convinced this is not something I want my children watching or reading. In the end, every parent needs to make their own decisions, but I thought it would be good to share with all the parents who read my blog some items about this book/movie which the entertainment news surrounding the movie is not revealing.

The main little girl of the book, Lyra has a companion throughout the book, a shape-shifting daemon named Pantalaimon who goes by the nickname Pan. This is just one of many things that concerns me. According to one review
Second, the device of the daemons, animal-shaped companions to all human beings in Pullman’s universe, is brilliant. The daemon concept is marvelously conceived and carried out. Pullman brings his readers to believe in daemons as an integral part of his characters’ lives, to the point that we are actually shocked when we learn that the villains have been separating children from their daemons.
These sound too much like "spirit guides" to me. Another item of concern is the Oblation Board.
I've listed a few links below and you can do your own google/yahoo search as well. Even reviews which are favorable make mentions of things that raise alarms for me. For being an aethist, there appears to be an awful lot of ties to the occult in these books.
Bridge to the Stars - View on Religion - once again a site that recommends the books, however this page is very insightful.

As a parent I would suggest you look into this yourself to make a decision prior to allowing your children to watch the upcoming movie or read the books.


Burg said...

I just hurled out a big mass email about that..


Ang said...

Hi Burg,

Just curious b/c it was not clear to me from your comment - is the sickening in regards to the movie/book or is it in regards to my post?


Rebecca said...

Ang, I talk with Burg a lot - sickening in regards to the movie and book...and truly sad that yet again Hollywood has chosen to pump our children full of horrible thoughts....I read a few snippets from the book (and the other 2 in the series) EEEK!!!!!!