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Friday, July 20, 2007

My Son - The Worrier

My adorable (almost) 3 year old son is going to have an ucler before he starts school!
My mother tends to be a worrier and I have this same tendency. It has now been passed down to my middle child. Austin is our performer. He loves to be the center of attention, loves to make you laugh and is constantly talking or singing. No matter what he does, he either is narrating his every move or making up a song about whatever it is he is doing.

He also worries all the time. I'm beginning to think sometimes it is just because he can think of nothing else to say and it gets him attention. Regardless, here are a few things in the past couple days.

As I pick him up and lay him on the bed in the morning to get him dressed:

"Don't drop me Mommy. Don't drop me!" (I've never dropped him!)

I started walking in the evenings with one of my neighbors. I told him I was going to take him with me and push him in the stroller.

"We going on the road, mommy? Is a car going to squish me?"

"No honey, we'll be on the sidewalk. Mommy won't let any cars squish you." I reply

"Are the cars going to squish you mommy?"

I might be more concerned but usually he is still smiling and does not have a very concerned tone when he asks these things. He actually says them with a very matter of fact tone most times.

While walking tonight:

"Mommy, here comes a blue car. Watch out. Stay on the sidewalk!"

"Mommy watch out for the side." (I guess I got too close to the edge of the sidewalk)

"Mommy, don't tip me over!" This was as we started up slight ramp on the sidewalk after crossing the street.
"Mommy don't leave me tied in the stroller!"

I think I'm worried about my worrying son!


Anonymous said...

Don't be to concerned sweetie, I think it's just one of those stages in life, he just happens to need a little more attention with it then most. Sorry to have carried on that trait.....your dad is always saying I worry way to much about nothing, I think I do it for both of us, he never seems to have a care....holding it in all the time, isn't good either...
Hugs, Mom

Domestic Divapalooza said...

It just goes to show you how much bigger the world is to the little ones. They are so sweet.

My 3 year old actually got hit by a Van this year. It happened on New Years Day.

Thank God she was not hurt. She was just scraped up and had a little bit of bruising but the driver of the Van managed to not run her over totally.

It was one of those freakish situations where my daughter was on her sled and was sliding, the Van was coming, and neither of them could stop because of the ice.

So now she is just getting over the whole look before you cross the street and for the longest time she would not walk through a parking lot of a store even while holding my hand.

I think as she grows older she is slowly but surely forgetting the entire ordeal. Hopefully she will forget the whole thing all together.

Shauna said...

Isn't it funny how they 'inherit' certain characteristics? Nicholas is so nit-picky. He definitely got that from me.