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Monday, June 11, 2007

I'm back!

I know I missed photo Friday last week, but the good news is that year end is over now. Still some clean up and other stuff to do, but the worst is over! So I'll try to make up for it this week.

I spent this last weekend taking kids to two birthday parties, going to a t-ball closing day ceremony, moving furniture (we are getting some new carpet) and painting. Not exactly relaxing, but it was nice to be with my family.

I was also planning a birthday party. To be specific I was working on a "Royal Birthday Princess Only Slumber Party" for Princess Tyler. It should be fun. Tyler and four other little girls over for the night. I'm wondering how many will make it through the entire night. I'm guessing only one of them.

I would be including pictures of Tyler as a newborn and one of her kindergarten graduation if it was not for the fact that my main home computer and our scanner are not hooked up right now (I'm on my laptop). We were supposed to have our carpet laid today, but they called to reschedule because the installer was sick this morning (hmm, sick on a Monday morning?!). So we still have not hooked our computer up yet. I'll post these for all of you later.

Last Thursday (June 7th) was my Princess' 6th birthday AND her kindergarten graduation. She was so excited! To be honest, I've always thought kindergarten graduation was stupid, but it is amazing how your opinion changes when it is your child. It was so cute to see about 60 kids in caps and gowns walking up onto the stage and accepting their "diplomas". At one point the teachers had each child come up and say what they learned during the year (a lot more than I did in kindergarten, that is for sure!) Tyler was probably the 6th child to get up there. Others were saying they had learned their letters, to read, etc. My daughter walks up shyly, looks at everyone one and quietly says

"I learned to love Jesus."

Everyone is the audience did a collective "ahhh!". I was in the back of the room trying to keep Jesse quiet and almost started crying. I was so proud of her. But then my brain started working as always and I started thinking - Are people going to think I don't teach her to love Jesus? That's my overactive brain for you!

A couple days before she had tried on her cap and gown at home.

Tyler : "Look, mommy. I'm 18!"

Me: "Why do you say that?"

Tyler: "Because teenagers wear these. That means when I wear it, I'm 18!"

Mom's having problems just accepting that she's going to be in school for a full day starting next fall. I'm not ready for her to be 18 yet!

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Rebecca said...

That is so sweet, the learning to love Jesus....and the logic of her being 18 - what a cutie!!!!

Princess party - I know those days are coming for me...hope it goes well :)