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Saturday, May 5, 2007

What is Today?

I know you Margarita loving folks will say today is Cinco de Mayo, which it is. But for me there is something even more important that today will always represent. Do you know what it is?

One year ago, I gave birth to our youngest child, our precious surprise baby, Jesse.

I braved the CRAZY grocery store this morning to get him a cake. Maybe I'm bad for not making him one myself, but we have a t-ball game today and lots to do. And besides, he's not going to remember this day. I just want to get the traditional "baby with cake everywhere" picture! I took Jesse with me and we had fun doing some grocery shopping and got him a yummy, very chocolaty cake. I had them write Happy 1st Birthday Jesse on it.

Tyler and Austin are excited as well. Mostly I think because of the cake. Austin keep singing about how it is "Jesse's Happy Birthday day!" That kid can make a song out of anything. The other day he sang a song to Shaun about how he wanted his Fruit Loops for breakfast! It was a kind of catchy tune, I must say!

So later today we will get our photos of Jesse digging into his chocolate cake and I'll be posting them here in the next day or so. Come back and see!


Rebecca said...

Aww! Happy Birthday, Jesse!!!

Burg said...

Happy birthday!!

This is the second of my bloggy favs who had a kiddo born on this day.. How 'bout that..