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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Jesse's 1 year pictures

Okay, so I don't have cake pictures on here yet, but they are coming. I did take Jesse in today to get his pictures taken by someone who actually knows how to take pictures. I went to Kiddie Kandids which is located in Babies R Us. I had a coupon for his birthday to get a free 8x10 and 10% off a package.

Afterwards, they give you a disk AND email you a link to get your pictures online. They actually allow you to print the pictures yourself and use them on things like your blog. Of course I got some all fancied up with borders, sepia or black & white coloring, etc. Those you don't get electronic. Here are a few of my favorites from today.
(And yes Mom you will get some when I come up. I'll be sending you an email in a bit to see all of them online!)


Dana said...


Cindy said...

What do you mean by HER, look at that first line in your note....since when is Jesse a HER.
Yes, HE made a pretty big mess.
But pictures to remember forever. How cute. Can't wait till next week to see the boys, but will miss seeing Tyler. Hugs, MOM

Ang said...


You read the line wrong. I just left out an "e". I've fixed it now. It was supposed to read "I don't have pictures on here yet"


Shauna said...

Great photos!

Angela said...

What cutie pies ALL of them!! :)