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Friday, May 11, 2007

Photo Friday

Greetings from Washington State! If you were wondering why I'm posting later than normal for this, it is because last night I left the house with the two boys and drove 12 hours to my parents house in WA state.

Today's photo is one I took of their backyard with my phone. This is not the house I grew up in, however it is very close. In fact, I grew up in a house next door to the home my dad grew up in. The house my parents are currently in is one they had built just after I moved out. It is on the other side of the house dad grew up in.

As you can see the house backs up to a wooded hill. There are always deer coming down the hill and I remember them coming into our yard all the time growing up as well.

Dad has been working on doing this yard for the past few summers and I think he has done an awesome job! It looks great.


Rebecca said...

Very pretty! So green...I miss green.....

Dana said...

That is a beautiful yard. He did a great job and deserves lots of praise for it!