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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Dentist Thoughts!

I recently lost a filling and had to go in yesterday to get it checked out. They put in a temporary filling and had me schedule a cleaning before they replaced this one. I guess that makes sense considering it has almost been a year since my last cleaning and I'm supposed to go in every 6 months.

So, first question. Why is it I am able to get my kids in regularly to the dentist, but I can't seem to get myself in?

Second question. Why is it that as soon as I sit in that chair I regress 25 years? I feel like I'm 6 or 7 again!

So now I have to go back in for three more appointments. One to replace three fillings (the one I lost and two other old ones that are starting to break down). The other two appointments are for two deep cleaning sessions where they numb my gums and get in there really good. I knew I was in trouble when she started saying "5, 5, 5" instead of the normal 3's. I guess I need to start flossing more often now too!

Okay, here's the last question (or group of them). What do you look at and think of when you are sitting in that chair with your mouth wide open, lips becoming chapped (am I the only one that leaves the dentist with chapped lips?)

I can't figure out where to look. I don't want to stare at the person cleaning my teeth. That is awkward. Everywhere else seems to be lights. So I usually end up closing my eyes.

Then I wonder what the person cleaning my teeth is thinking. Is she thinking I have horrible breath. I hope I don't, I make an effort to ensure I don't before I go in. If I did, could she smell it through the mask she is wearing?

I also start getting paranoid as to whether she is having to look up my nose. I think the angle is not quite right, but you never know.

In the end I realize she does this all day long and I'm just another client and she is probably really just thinking about what she is going to make for dinner that night, but you never know.

So, what do you think about when you are in that chair?

Now you're really getting a view into this mind of mine. Believe me, I think of even weirder things than this!


Dana said...

Oh, no! Not the dentist! I don't have answers for you because dentists scare me so I try to avoid them if at all possible (for me anyway, kids go regularly).

Cindy said...

Yep, I hate them too.....and wonder same of the same things....
I always made sure you kids had your appointments, aren't you glad.
Only 3 fillings needing to be replace....not bad. Hugs, Mom

Rebecca said...

I think about when it will end - I hate going and can totaly tell you I am actually afraid!!! LOL!!!!!

Burg said...

Ugh.. Yuck..

I hate going to the dentist.