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Thursday, May 17, 2007

My Memories Wall

I actually bought this expression before I signed up to start selling Uppercase Living, but I just put it up right before I left for my trip to Washington. Shaun helped me get the pictures up and to make sure the bottom was all straight. I have to say, it actually turned out even better than I expected! The picture is a little fuzzy, but you can still see how it looks.

* * * Update:
If anyone is interested you can get this expression and many others through me. You can not order these online, but you can view the catalog online and/or play with the custom tool if you want a custom expression. Just go to and login. You'll need my ID and token to set up a login, then you can view the entire catalog online.
ID: 308964
Token: smith


Rebecca said...

I love that! I totally want to do it in my house!

Shauna said...

That's so nice! I've been thinking about how to do pictures in my house. Thanks for the idea!

yourberrybest said...

Awesome! God he reigns! Keep on keeping on!

Love is the Greatest Gift!

God Bless,