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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Well, I'm back from Washington now. I arrived back home this morning at about 9:30AM. As much as I enjoyed seeing my family and being up where it is so green again, it was great to come home and sleep in my own bed. Shaun unpacked the Tahoe for me and took the boys to daycare so I could get some much needed sleep after driving through the night.

Leaving back home always is bittersweet. I wanted to get home to my own bed and to see my daughter and husband again, but I'm always sad to leave there. Some of it is that nostalgia and all the memories from growing up there. Shaun and I started dating in high school so there are always tons of memories. And of course, you mostly remember the good times. Part of me wants to stay there, but I know that is all the past now. Some things have not changed, but alot of things have changed. Memories stay, but times moves on.

As I had posted a couple days ago, my parents no longer live in the house I grew up in. However, on the way to town you have to pass by that house. When we moved in I remember it had been empty for awhile. It was in desparate need of a paint job and the grass was over my head. Of course that was the summer between 1st and 2nd grade, so I was not all that tall yet. My parents put a lot of time and effort into that house. We always had a nice yard and mom planted beautiful roses and carnations along the driveway. It was one of the nicest looking houses in the area. We did not have tons of money but they took pride in our home.

It is a bit depressing to see the house now. The latest owners have not taken care of it at all. The yard is overgrown in some areas. In another section they have a dog who has dug holes all over. There are wrecked cars everywhere. The paint is peeling and I noticed the front door does not appear to close all the way. The front windows where my parents room used to be is full of garbage. I know my mom does not even look at the house any longer as she drives by (which she has to do often). I guess a year or so ago there was a raid on the home because they were growing pot in what used to be my brother's bedroom.

But it is just a building. I still remember it the way it was in my head. And my parents have a beautiful home just down the road now. It may not be large, but my parents have always been able to make it feel like home and it is always beautiful. Part of it is how it looks, but alot is just because they are there. That house now feels like home when I go back there.

I always tend to be amazed at how things have changed each time I'm there. I guess if I had stayed there I would not have noticed it as much, but since I only get back once or twice a year, it is so much more noticeable.

Do you live where you grew up? If not, do you go back to visit that place often? Is it just me or do you take trips down memory lane as well? You'll probably get to hear more in the next couple days about my trip, once I'm totally caught up on my sleep. I was able to see a few people I've not seen in a while and I was really happy about that. More to come!


Rebecca said...

I moved around my whole life - military family - so I don't really know how you feel in that sense...BUT...My Grandparents sold their place a couple years ago. They had lived there since my Mom was 6 years old. It was always a place we came back to no matter what state/country we were in. Their house is now gone and some big fancy place took its place. It makes me tear up to look at it so I hardly go out there - my mom bawls like a baby when she goes by so my Dad had to put it "off limits" :( ((HUGS))

Dana said...

Welcome home! I grew up in Austin and since my mom still lives there, I do go back quite a bit. Last summer I drove by the house that I grew up in and it was completely different. Of course, I grew up on 11 acres in the middle of Austin so we had the best of both worlds. Now, the house is still standing but the land around it has all been developed. It makes me sad to see that.

Shauna said...

Welcome home!

I've moved around a bit, but now live where I grew up. My parents live in the house I grew up in but I hardly visit (don't have a good relationship with my parents). I do, however, get very sad when I see my grandma's house and the shape it's in. (Like you, the new owner just haven't taken care of it). That's sad.