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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Austin's 1st Award in Public School

** ** WARNING ** **

This is another post containing a tremendous amount of gushing from a very proud Momma!

Last month I wrote about my daughter receving her 1st award in public school (they just started attending in January).  This month I am proud to say my son, Austin (1st Grade) has received a Citizen of the Month award as well!  His comment regarding the award was, "Now I just have to get the student of the Month award next time."

As with Tyler's award, we were asked to attend an assembly where the award was presented to Austin.  We were very proud to attend this on Friday morning.  He received a certificate, a book and a bracelet in school colors that indicates he recieved the Citizenship Award.

His teacher wrote:
Austin is an awesome student.  He has a great attitude and made friends quickly in my class.  He takes his time with his work, doing the best he can and using neat handwriting.  He is always kind to others, and follows our classroom and school rules.  He is a great citizen and a good example for other students.  He always has a hand up to volunteer and answers questions.  I enjoy talking with him - he always has an interesting story to share!  I am proud of his achievements!
I was tempted to ask about what kinds of stories he always tells, but to be honest I was kind of afraid to find out.  I've heard his stories before!

Austin with his award and the book he chose (one full of riddles!)


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