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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gardens & Ponds

Last year our garden met with catastrophe.  The only thing that survived were Shaun's jalapeno peppers.  We were invaded by mice.  Shaun said it was like a flashback to the Secret of Nimh only with mice under a tomato plant rather than rats living under a rose bush.  There were many evenings I would look out the back window to see Shaun with a shovel chasing a mouse across our back yard.

However, so far this year the garden if flourishing.  I might even have some zucchini to grate up and freeze for bread.  Last year I had some, but only due to the generosity of our daycare who grew some gigantic zucchini! 

The garden is pretty much Shaun and Tyler's domain.  Tyler loves to putter around in the garden.  Partly because she takes after her grandma who has a green thumb and partly because her Daddy is out there with her.  Personally, I did not inherit the green thumb - in fact I think I have a black one.  I could kill a fake plant.  Really!  I have killed an aloe vera which I was told could survive anyone.

This is our broccoli - one of the few green vegetables I actually like. 
But only when it is steamed with some garlic!
We have some strawberry plants here - and some more broccoli.
Shaun said we have 6 broccoli this year - I don't like it that much!!
A forest of carrots and some corn here - and something else that Shaun knows what it is.

Shaun and Tyler have also been working on the landscaping around the pool.  The backside of the pool now has a variety of flowers and plants growing along the wall and they've revived the pond.  We even have a new friend for the pond - two adorable little turtles. 

Tyler admiring the newly revived pond. 
Daddy still needs to hide some of the hoses but it is near being completed.
Our lovely Turtle family  -  the best kind, ones that don't have to be fed and won't waddle away!

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