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Saturday, April 18, 2009

On the Road to Success - Toilet 2, Underwear 1

My youngest is going to be three next month. Three seems to be the average age for my children to finally get the "potty" thing. My youngest does not talk as well as my other two did at that time, so I've been a little worried about this. However, he has been showing an interest, his timing is just off. He'll come tell us after he's gone in his diaper and then he insists on sitting on the toilet for anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour!

So today we decided to put him in a pair of his big brother's underwear and see how things went. I talked to him ahead of time and he was very excited about getting to wear underwear. I told him that if he did well this weekend and started using the toilet regularly I would take him to the store to pick out his own underwear. That really got him excited - he ran around the house telling everyone - although we could not quite make out what he was saying.

It is now nap-time and so far the score is Toilet 2 (one pee and one poo!) - Underwear 1 (pee). So, all in all I think we are off to a good start!!

Final count is Toilet 3, Underwear 1. And the lone poo of the day made it in the toilet. YEAH!!! We are definitely on our way!!

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