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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New Blog - Thankful Heart

I've started a new blog which I've added to my sidebar - below is my opening post, please consider joining me as I begin this new journey . . .

Thankful Heart

At the time that I'm starting this blog, I am part of an unequally yoked marriage. In the past I have used this as an excuse for playing the part of the "poor me" wife with a husband who does not understand me or love me the way that he should. I was wrong!

I had expectations for my poor husband that could not even have been lived up to by a man fully committed to following Christ, let alone one who does not have a relationship with Christ. I was focused on who my husband was not instead of focusing on all the wonderful things that he is. Even worse, I was putting myself up as a sort of martyr. It never crossed my mind that I might be failing him as much as I believed he was failing me.

This past year has been really rough on our marriage, but through all of this the Lord has started to show me what love is really all about. He has begun to instill deep within my heart true unconditional love. Along with that He has shown me some pretty ugly things about myself. I'm realizing that while I may have some very good reasons to be offended by my husband and his behavior at times, insisting on standing by these "rights" of mine will only lead to the destruction of my marriage.

For one, I'm not really any better and in some cases I'm worse. I've given my dear husband many reasons to be offended by me. And my hateful attitude towards him because of his behavior (regardless of how much I may be deserving to be upset) will not draw him closer to me or to the Lord.

My prayer in starting this blog is to begin to nuture a thankful heart within myself. I want to be a beautiful "young" bride for my husband who makes him feel respected, admired and loved unconditionally. I want to be lovely in his eyes again. I'm realizing by doing this not only will I win my husband's devotion and love, but I will be honoring the Lord as well.

It seems like everything I have been led to this year has pointed to one thing only, everything is about Love and Relationships -that is all that matters in the end. If we can figure this out, everything else will fall into place. So this blog is my journey to begin to live this out in my life and in my marriage.

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