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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Explaining Prop 8 to your kids

In my previous post I had mentioned that I've been talking to my daughter (she's 7 yrs old) about the upcoming elections. I was surprised at how interested she is in what is going on and how eager she is to be part of it and pray for the upcoming elections.

I prayed before I spoke to her because I wanted to explain the issue to her adequately but at a level that she would be able to understand. This is the same way I had approached the issue of abortion with her when she asked me one day why I wore a red Life bracelet.

I simply explained to her that some people believed it was okay for a boy to like a boy and a girl to like a girl the same way that Mommy and Daddy like each other, and that those people have tried to make it legal in our state for a boy to marry a boy or a girl to marry a girl. I explained that we had voted a few years ago and the state had decided that was not right but there were some judges that did not agree and had made it legal. I then explained that the State had a constitution just like the US did and that Prop8 was being voted on to add wording to our constitution that would say that marriage is only recognized between a man and a woman.

When I explained how marriage right now is legal between a girl and a girl or a boy and a boy, I was suprised to see the look on her face. It was a mixture of disgust and confusion. She looked at me and said,

"But Mommy, I don't think God would like that. He made Eve for Adam, he wants weddings to be for a boy and a girl. That is how He made it!"

It warmed my heart that she recognized that the highest authority in all of this is the Lord.

We then went on to talk about how how babies are made (at a very high level) because she asked if two boys or two girls could make a baby. This also got us on the topic of having babies when you are not married.

In the end we talked about how we all sin and even those who sin in these ways are still people that God loves dearly. We compared it to when she does something wrong. Mommy & Daddy don't like what she has done but we still love her. It is the same way with grown ups and God. We all sin and God hates that, but He loves us still. So even though we need to stand up for what is right and what is God's Truth, we still need to love the people who are doing those things. We would want the same thing if it was us doing the wrong thing.

Part of this conversation started because my daughter had noticed the Yes on Prop8 signs that are popping up in the lawns of our neighbors. After our discussion, she told me that we needed to let everyone know about this issue and we needed to get a sign for our yard. And then she said she wanted to make signs and put them up all over the neighborhood and knock on people's doors and let them know about this.

I encourage everyone once again to talk to their children. You may be surprised how much they understand and how excited they are to be included. Especially if this proposition does not pass. Just look at Massachusetts and you'll see where this state will be headed if this Proposition does not pass. No matter what they are saying now, we will end up on the same path. Same-sex marriage being taught in schools at a very young age without the parents being allowed to object. Being told what morals we must teach our children. Read this article if you don't believe that is where we are headed - Proposition 8 - Who's Really Lying?

A good friend of mine just told me a few months ago about a friend of hers who called her in a near panic. Her young daughter (just about my daughter's age) had come home and told her Mom that she was a lesbian. When her mom asked her why she thought that she replied that it was because she liked girls better than boys and some people who had come to talk to them told her it meant she was a lesbian (this was at a diversity day event). Of course a girl at that age likes girls better than boys, at that age boys have cooties! If we don't talk to our children, others will (even if Prop8 passes they will still hear about homosexuality). I for one want my children's morals to be shaped by me in line with God's Word, not by what is considered to be P.C. in this world of ours right now.

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Carolyn said...

You are one smart mamma! Thank you so much for supporting Proposition 8 and for writing about it on your blog! I was looking through the google search engine for blogs that had posts about Proposition 8, which is how I found your website. I'm so glad I did because I was edified by reading your comments.

Be sure you make it to the polls! I am one of those non-Californians that is counting on you to protect marriage and family.