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Friday, October 10, 2008

Breaking His Heart

This morning as I walked into the kitchen to make myself some coffee, I noted the boys already at the table eating breakfast. Shaun had gotten them breakfast and in the process I had heard him get after Austin for not listening. This has been a big thing lately with Austin that we’ve been working on him regarding.

As I walked in the kitchen they both looked up at me and said “Good morning, mommy!” (Jesse’s is a bit more of a series of grunts that are vaguely recognizable with some hand waving involved.)

Then Austin’s big smile disappears off his face and he gives me the sad puppy dog look.

Austin: “Mommy, I’m soooo sad today.”

Me: “Oh, why is that? Because you got in trouble with Daddy for not listening?”

Austin: “Yes, he broke my heart, Mommy.”

Me: “Oh, really?”
(as I turn my back to him so he does not see my smile, he is definitely going to end up on a stage someday as an actor or a comedian!)

Austin: (big sigh) “Yes, he broke my heart.” (Big pause then another big sigh) “And he broke all my other shapes too. My circle, my square. . .”

Me: “Really?” (that is all I could manage at this point)

Austin: “Yes! And he hurt my feelings too!”

What do you say to that. I just kept my back turned until I could look at him without laughing. Then I had to go tell Shaun that he had broken his son's heart and all his other shapes too. Then I laughed again at the confused look on Shaun's face. All in all it's been an amusing morning!

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