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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Tyler's Catcher Experience

At the beginning of the season Tyler did not want to play catcher. She has trouble moving in all the equipment, she thought the position was boring and she could not see very well through the helmet.

However a recent game has changed all that. She plays t-ball where they are just teaching the basics. Therefore, they only play 2-3 innings and every child gets to bat each inning. Nobody is "out" although they do teach the kids how to get outs.

As the last child on the other team hit his Grand Slam (each child gets one base when they hit the ball, except the last player who gets a Grand Slam and everyone gets to run in.) They got the ball to her right away so she stood in front of the base to tag the runners coming in. In t-ball most of the kids usually run way out of the baseline to avoid the catcher. The last boy coming in was not the norm.

Tyler stood there with the ball in her mit, teeth gritted, waiting to tag the boy. He ran forward, straight at Tyler, determined to get to the base but not going around her. Tyler stood her ground and the boy ran into her and tried to slide. She jumped over the top of him and reached down and tagged him. Somehow she landed on her feet. Everyone went nuts cheering for her.

Later on the way home I was talking to her about it.

Me: "Tyler, that was really good today. You stood your ground and tagged him."

Tyler: "I know Mommy! I stood firm. It was like he was the devil and was trying to take me out!"

Me: "Oh. Did someone say that to you or did you come up with that yourself?"

We recently went through the Armor of God in Ephesians 6 and I was wondering if this was related to the shoes of peace that we put on to stand firm in the Lord

She rolls her eyes at me as she replies

"I didn't say he WAS the devil. I said that he was LIKE the devil!"

I really wonder where these kids get these things sometimes!

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