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Friday, February 1, 2008


I know I've not been a social lately as I'd like to be, but I figured I would give you a quick update on some things.

1. My weight loss - I've met with the physical trainer that comes into our work and have been using the gym at work with two other co-workers. We are holding one another accountable for working out and for what we eat. I still "cheat" a bit sometimes but my eating habits and my exercise habits have most definitely improved in the past month. As of Wed (my weigh in date) - I have lost a total of 7.75 lbs for the month of January. I know my upcoming months will not be quite as much but this is so encouraging for me. I can feel a change in the way some of my clothes fit and I'm sleeping much better.

2. InBox Dollars - I told you I would update you on how I'm doing. I've not participated in very much for this but for what little I did in January I earned $13.85. I'll keep it up as I have a few moments to spare here and there and I'll let you know if I have trouble getting the money from them. For this one I think I need to have $30 before a check is cut. It won't be much but I figure it is something small I can use to treat myself once I loose some more weight!

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