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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Our Day in the Snow

Today we took the kids up to the snow. We had a really nice time, but unfortunately were not able to stay for all that long. Tyler loved the sledding, but at one point her face hit the ground and she got scratched up a bit and bit her lip. She cried like the world was coming to an end, actually she wailed! But after less than a minute she was back on the sled again.

We ended up ending the day early though because the boys just were not doing well in the cold. We had gloves for Jesse but he would not leave them on so his little hands were red by the time we left. Austin was a bit fussy, but that is pretty much normal for him. The snow was pretty deep, but it has not snowed recently so the snow was all really hard.

I think we'll try to go up again soon, but probably just take Tyler. That way we can can spend some time with Tyler and not have to cut the day short because the boys are cold and tired.

Here are some pictures of Tyler after her incident. The first is while we were still there. The second is after we got her home and cleaned her up a bit. She is a tough little girl ~ instead of getting upset and not sledding anymore, she gets mad and determined to do it again. Kinda scares mom at times! She definitely has her daddy in her!

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