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Monday, November 5, 2007


RuffleButts - A Fun & Frilly clothing line for infants and toddlers. Visit us at today!!

You may have all noticed the new button (animated too!) on my sidebar and now at the top of this post.

When my daughter was young and we were potty training her my mother used to tell me that when I was little she had bought me these adorable panties with ruffles on the bottom. She told me if I could start using the potty like a big girl I could wear the pretty, ruffly panties. She said in no time I was potty trained. Well, I looked everywhere and could not find any for my daughter. When she was about 9 months old we had two sleepers which someone had handed down to me (you know the one pieces with the feet) that had ruffles on the bottoms but that was the only thing I ever had.

Well, Amber at Ruffle Butts also has noticed the disappearance of these adorable ruffle bottomed outfits and has decided to do something about it. She has started RuffleButts. She makes the most adorable ruffly bottom outfits including personalized diaper covers!

Check it out at Ruffle Butts her official site where you can order her products. My daughter is now too old for these and I doubt I could convince the boys to wear them, but I'm going to be on the lookout for someone to buy them for! Also check out her blog at The World of RuffleButts.

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RuffleButts said...


You are such a doll!!! I can not thank you enough for the kind words and support. I have put my heart and faith into this clothing line and it means so much to have your encouragement!

Have a great weekend.