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Sunday, September 2, 2007

What's New?

I'm in the middle of quarter end right now, so very busy and lots of hours at work, but I really miss writing and decided to take some time out to update anyone who is still visiting my blogs on what is going on with me.

Shaun is now officially a stay at home dad. He is still doing his Harley work, but things are a bit slow now. And he is able to do that in the evening and weekends when I'm home (except this weekend when I'm working). We hated taking the boys out of daycare because she is like part of the family for us, but we are still involved with one another and the boys are getting much more "daddy time" now. Shaun will be sharing carpool duties with our now ex-daycare provider for Tyler and her grandsons.

Tyler starts school in two days! She will be going full days now. I can't believe my baby is going to be in 1st grade! We went to meet her teacher on Thursday and I kind of wish I could go with her. She got to choose her desk and chose a seat in the front row. She absolutely loves school. She is also very excited because we had to buy her a Bible for school. She already has a couple at home but this one is for her to use at school. They will be spending 20 minutes everyday in school reading and some of that will be the Bible.

Austin is on his way to being potty trained. YEAH!!! He still does not have the poop thing figured out and he still has his accidents, but he is spending a large part of the day in "underwears" now as he call them. Shaun's mom was here last week for a few days and I think she was a big help in getting him excited about using the potty.

Jesse is walking, or I should say running, all over the house now. Once he finally started, he caught on really fast. At first he looked a lot like Frankenstein walking around the house but that stiffness is disappearing fast. He wants to run everywhere now, but doesn't have his balance down real great yet. Now instead of Frankenstein, he just looks tipsy.

That pretty much sums up the major events in our life right now. I hope all is well with you and your families!


Anonymous said...

Hey honey, you won't know what to do with yourself when the kids are all potty trained and in school....that will be another life change. Yes, it is hard to believe that they are getting to grown up. Can't wait to see them at Christmas. Hugs, MOM

Shauna Loves Chocolate said...

Wow! Lots to report on! Good luck to Tyler and Austin. And a runner! You've got a runner!
I think it's great that Shaun us a SAHD! Lucky you!