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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Photo Friday - Potty Time!

So today I decided I was going to embarrass myself. Not sure why, but I'm in a good mood so I figure I'll share some pictures that I get a chuckle out of.

First, my mother sent this to me recently.

I can't believe she took this of me, but then I remembered this picture of Austin. Of course in his, he still had his diaper on. He was so excited because he got on the toilet by himself, even if he did forget to take off his diaper.

We've really not made much more progress yet with Austin's potty training. He has gone a few times, but overall does not seem to interested. He likes to sit on it, but still does not really have it figured out. I want to get him potty trained for convenience and the cost of having two in diapers, but at the same time I don't want to push him and make it a horrible experience for both of us. So I continue to encourage him and see where we end up!


Karen S. said...

I was very frustrated as well with potty training. When I was researching potty training a common theme seemed to be praise and positive reinforcement. I came across a website called We hung it in the kitchen and named the little boy on the front of the package, Bobby. My son could not wait to go to the potty so he could push the button, hear the praising message, and get his chocolate reward from, Bobby. It really got my son excited about using the potty himself and it was fun for him. Because he became so involved, potty training was easy. So give it a try. Good Luck!

Shauna said...

Funny photos! It's our job as moms to take embarrassing pics of our kids.
Sorry to hear the potty training isn't going well.

- PRACTiCAL CHiCK said...

Well - at least your mom's walls and floor matched in the bathroom...

Laura said...

Potty training is one of those BIG milestones for the little ones. It's neat that you have a picture of your big milestone.

Rebecca said...

potty training? what's that? LMBO!!!!! If only my kid would understand!!!! AHHHH!!!!!!